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About Manek Financial

Manek Financial is a SEBI registered, one-stop investment advisory company for individuals, families and foundations. We help clients with financial planning as well as purchase of all investment products. The business of Manek is forty years old. Mr. Navinchandra Dedhia started it in 1976. His son Mr. Sonesh Dedhia took it forward. The name, Manek, was introduced 15 years ago. Some of Manek’s clients are with her for the last forty years.

We do both for our clients – Financial Planning as well as execution.
You can work with us in all three ways:
1. Get the planning and execution both done by us.
2. Get the planning done by us but execute the plan directly.
3. You do not use our planning services, but buy financial instruments through us.


“We want to help every client of ours become wealthy, predictably.”

What shows that a person is wealthy: ‘ When somebody can sustain his lifestyle without earning from his job/ business, he can be called wealthy. How long can he sustain that way shows how wealthy he is.’


“In the age of volatility and inflation, financial planning and strict implementation of the plan are the only way to become wealthy in a predictable manner. Manek will always promote this way of investing. Investment on an ad hoc basis leads to asset creation but not necessarily wealth creation.”

Corporate Values

Transparency in all dealings  |  Focus on the client’s life needs  |  Quality of service  |  Insightful investments