Direct Equity Advisory Service From Manek Financial

Frantic speculative investment rarely makes a person wealthy predictably. A few well chosen hand picked stocks held over a long period of time, or even life time, make an investor seriously wealthy.

DEAS (Direct Equity Advisory Services) is for this long term wealth building. We advise clients on a one to one basis based on individual’s risk assessment and life goals. You will have to understand that not every investor is made for DEAS. Long term fundamental driven investing requires a different mindset. The difference between DEAS and mutual fund investments:

A mutual fund is selected based on its fund manager’s credentials and past performance of its portfolio. The funds generally are of huge sizes. Their key challenge is to deploy the fund cleverly. In case of DEAS you are advised to buy into just a few companies and in small amounts. We help you make the most out of the opportunities without going with the herds.

Under DEAS we may even advise the investor to go with a particular Portfolio Management Services (PMS). Mutual funds will never go with a PMS.