Manek’s Approach To Financial Planning

Manek Believes

We believe that financial planning is the single most important exercise to keep your financial life in order and meet the long and short-term life goals. To make a workable financial plan, we need to consider multiple factors about our past, present and future. An effective financial plan should be well-thought, comprehensive, with one eye on future and the other on the balance between the current and future cash flow requirements. It is not only about the investing but also about protection, planning for contingencies, budgeting and cash flow management, tax and estate planning, wealth creation, as well as planning for specific milestones in life.

Our Method

We use a financial strategy in sync with different life stages of the individual and his requirements that are specific to a certain stage of life. As financial needs and responsibilities are unique from person to person, our financial priorities do vary according to our stages in life. Every life stage brings different priorities that need different investing approaches. Our risk-taking capacity also changes with the life stages, experiences & circumstances and influence the investment portfolio. Having a sound overall financial strategy requires a person to recognise that their finances are in a constant state of change and our goals evolve, as we move through the different stage of life.

Something Very Unique About Manek

Financial Planning is the only secret sauce of becoming wealthy predictably and it must handhold every individual differently at different life stages. That is why, we have created four distinctive and purposeful approaches to planning based on the needs of each cohort. These are not ‘one item fits all’ kind of plans. They are planning philosophies tied to life needs of these cohorts and focussed on making them wealthy, predictably.