Financial Planning For The Middle Aged

Manek At Prime Time – Age Group 36 yrs. to 55 Yrs.

This is the stage where the person is in the process of settling down. This stage of life leads to a number of events like marriage, child planning, buying home, your dream car, protection plans etc. This is the most challenging stage in the financial terms, whilst your income has no doubt improved & at the peak but you will typically have more responsibilities, liabilities and expenses.When it comes to investments, we generally follow the footsteps of our elders, which may not suit your risk appetite and cash flow requirements. We cannot afford to make mistakes in this middle age and need an unbiased financial advice for future financial path.

With Manek at Prime Time we have instituted an investment approach that helps you to build wealth in the most predictable way possible without compromising on the life responsibilities. Manek at Prime Time gives you so much control over your finances and investments and satisfies the life goals.

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