Financial Planning For Seniors And Retirees

Manek For Seniors – Age Group 55 Yrs. And Above

During this life stage, you may start to think about when you can stop working. You may have started to make inroads in paying off your mortgage. Your salary has hopefully improved and you may have more disposable income. The earlier people start better it is for future. The most common concerns of this life stage are:

  1. What if I live for many more years? How would I meet my expenses without becoming a burden on others?
  2. What if I need a lot of medical services?
  3. What if my wife outlives me by many years? How do I ensure her wellbeing?
  4. How do I plan succession within the family?
  5. How do I maintain my dignity by not becoming a financial burden on anybody ever?

The way a person invests in his youth or midlife does not hold strong in the face of such challenges. Becoming a very safe investor may not help beat the inflationary increase in the cost of living. Becoming very aggressive may also expose oneself to unjustified risk.

This is where Manek for Seniors will help you. During this life stage our main objective will be helping you to establish how much money you need to reach and maintain your desired lifestyle for the rest of your days without fear of ever running out of money and also be able to balance this with enhancing your current Lifestyle. We shall also help you with your estate planning to make sure that your hard earned estate will be distributed amongst your love ones as per your choice.We address every individual’s case separately. Only the guiding principle remains the same. We want you to be able to enjoy your second life to the very best.

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