Financial Planning Packages Offered By Manek Financial

Single Approach Based Financial Plan

It is a custom build standalone plan where the client’s requirement is limited to the evaluation of a single module or segment of financial plan such as tax, investments, insurance, retirement or estate Planning.

If the client is looking to buy some financial product or asset, single approach-based plan helps them to evaluate it first before taking the decision.

We do the risk profiling, analyse the client’s cash flow requirement & choose investment strategies to meet them.

If there are any exiting assets, we evaluate & analyse the same with respect to its liquidity, diversification, and investment risk exposure.

Multiple Approach Based Plan

Multiple approach-based plan provides a wider scope of combining more than one module or segments of financial plan such as Insurance, tax, investments, etc.

It is a custom build plan where we shall evaluate the need as per the segments required & design the strategy accordingly with respect to risk tolerance & cash flow requirements.

If there are any existing assets, we evaluate & analyse the same with respect to its liquidity, diversification, and investment risk exposure.

If the client is looking to buy some financial product or asset, we help them to evaluate it first before taking the decision.

Comprehensive Cash Flow Based Financial Plan

Cash flow planning is a comprehensive method to evaluate all cash inflows and outflows, and then integrate these items with the clients’ existing assets and liabilities. The projection illustrates the impact that any surpluses or shortages might have on the ability of the clients’ assets to last through life expectancy.

It presents a strategy for the accumulation, maintenance, and eventual distribution of your wealth, in a written plan to be implemented and fine-tuned over time.

While making the plan we integrate and analyse all the aspects of your financial situation such as future life cash flow requirements, income, expenses, assets and liabilities, risk profile, to suggest a plan of action with which you could comfortably sail through your life needs. This interrelation takes a systematic & integrated approach towards improving your financial situation and ensures that all the pieces of your financial puzzle fit and work together in a cohesive manner.


After the completion of Financial planning, you can choose our retainer services. In this we will provide the guidance & monitoring support for a year from the date of completion of the financial plan. It is an engagement program to assist the client to stay aligned with the financial plan through continuous advice & implementation assistance during the year to achieve the required objective of the plan.

Salient Features Of This Service

  • Continuous Advice: Client can get the assistance from us on all the financial matters like impact of changing scenarios such as tax laws, economic reforms, and changes in financial situations (Income, expenses, goals, asset, Liabilities etc…) for one year from the date of financial plan completion.
  • Goal Reminders: We would send goal reminders as per the financial plan to your registered email id stating the type of financial goal and the action that should be taken. Client shall update MFAPL on the status of the financial goals through written consent. The reply can be in the form of whether the goal has been cancelled, postponed or utilised.
  • Additional Surplus Deployment: During the year there may be instances of surplus cash received through gifts, bonus, incentives, gain, inheritance or sale of assets etc Even after the completion of the financial plan .We need to explore opportunities for effective deployment of surplus cash in a planned manner rather than investing it in an ad hoc basis. Hence as a part of retainer services, we will evaluate & assist the client in selection of securities as per the financial plan for the deployment the additional gain.
  • Review of Plan: A successful plan needs serious commitment and periodical review (once in a year or at a major event such as birth, death, inheritance, sale of assets). The review will give us the opportunity to discuss the changes in the financial situation & take the necessary actions accordingly.
  • Implementation of Plan: It is necessary to implement the plan to action. The action plan includes all the tasks & recommendations that will be needed to accomplish your financial goals & improve your financial situation.
  • Account Management: Claims, Change Requests: All the service-related requests such as redemptions, switches, documentation (digital & physical), record maintenance, claims, etc. with regards to your financial plan shall be provided by us.