Financial Planning For Young Adults

Manek For NextGen – Age Group 20 yrs. to 35 Yrs.

Young age investing builds the foundation of future. You may just finish your education and start earning new experiences of life. You might have plans for higher studies or an idea of establishing a start-up. You have high energies, risk taking abilities and most importantly the time is in favour. This is a perfect time to start implementing the basics & take the advantage of compounding growth as with the relatively longer investment horizon you can better able to ride out short-term fluctuations of the market. However, it is important to choose the investments wisely keeping in mind all the aspects like Risk-taking capacity, short-term and long-term goals, and cash flow requirements.

Manek For NextGen is an investment approach to help people in this age group to build wealth aggressively and yet predictably. The whole purpose is to handhold you in this life phase of relatively less family responsibilities to build wealth quickly.  Investing in a scientific way is the only way to build the capital that will give you the freedom of pursuing your bigger dreams.

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